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Only Claudette (F) and Melvin (M) are available! 

Meet our first litter of Sheepadoodles! Mom is an Old English Sheepdog (60-65) pounds) and dad is a standard poodle (60-70 pounds), which makes the puppies F1 or first generation. Born on July 12, this litter of 10 puppies received their first shots, a vet exam, have been dewormed, and are ready to join your family immediately. Price: $1,500.


Sheepadoodles are great family dogs, low-shed, and aim to please their people. Their coats are super soft and fluffy. You will want to cuddle with them in person! Call or text Joe at (612) 751-0653 to schedule a visit today. 

Join Our Guardian Program

We are looking for families to join our Guardian Family Program! 

To ensure our females have the best possible care and attention they deserve in a family of their own, the Guardian Family Program is an opportunity for selected families to welcome one of our dogs into your family at no initial cost.

What does being a guardian family mean? 
  • The family receives the female dog with no upfront cost

  • Northern Pine Doodles manages and pays for annual vet well checks and vaccines until the female is spayed.

    • Guardian family is responsible for any other vet care, as needed.

  • ​Northern Pine Doodles retains the breeding rights for up to two successful litters once the female turns two years old. A successful litter is four or more healthy puppies.

    • During her first heat cycle after turning two years old, she returns to the farm to breed. She stays on the farm for 5-10 days. The gestation period is between 58 – 68 days.

    • About 7-10 days prior to her estimated due date, she returns to the farm to whelp and nurse her puppies. This is for about 6-8 weeks. 

  • Northern Pine Doodles and our veterinarian, with the input of family, determine the health and timing of breeding.

    • If we determine the female is unable to successfully breed, she is spayed and becomes the family's pet at no cost.


Interested in learning more about our Guardian Family Program?

Contact Joe at (612) 751-0653 for more information.

Available Females for Guardian Program

About Northern Pine Doodles


Our Labradoodle puppies are F1B or second-generation Labradoodles, which means they are three-quarter Poodle and one-quarter Labrador Retriever. The father, Caeser Augustus (Augie), is a Standard Poodle (pictured left) or Zeus, a chocolate Standard Poodle. The moms are first-generation Labradoodles (50% a Red Standard Poodle and 50% a Chocolate Labrador Retriever). The parents weigh between 55-70 pounds and we estimate the puppies will be a similar size. (We currently do not breed mini-doodles.) 


Labradoodles, especially F1b, are great for families that may experience allergic reactions from pet dander. The dogs will lose hair, like you and I, but won't shed like other dogs. They are great with kids, friendly, and loving companions. Feel free to read more about our puppies from current owners on our Facebook page.

Family-raised, our dogs love people and aim to please. Our owners rave about our puppies' temperament, which are friendly, smart, and loving companions. Because they are three-quarter Poodle, the puppies also are hypoallergenic and low shed.

All our puppies have received well exams and first shots from a vet and are dewormed. We offer a two-year health guarantee against congenital defects


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Northern Pine Doodles is a small, family-based kennel on a 10-acre hobby farm near Pine City. We specialize in Poodle-hybrids, or Doodles. Stud services are also available with a cream or chocolate Standard Poodle.


Joe Francis and Sue Brague Wagner are the owners and have a great love for dogs.

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